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The Future of St. Mary’s 2017 Fair Share

Stewardship: Giving Graciously and Generously.

In order for St. Mary’s to balance our 2017 budget and plan for anticipated maintenance/improvements in the coming years, St. Mary’s Parish Council and the Stewardship Committee are asking parishioners to prayerfully consider meeting their fair share of our ongoing expenses by contributing the weekly amount shown in the chart Fair Share table below, based on your income. If all parishioners give according to the many blessings they have received from God, St. Mary’s will have the necessary funds to continue and ensure its future for generations to come.

You may Invalid download ID., fill it out, and return it to St. Mary’s by mail or drop it in the Sunday offering.

Fair Share Income Guidelines

Annual Gross Household IncomeAnnual Household Fair Share Contribution, 5% of Income
$200,000 +$10,000 or 5% of Income