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Volunteer Opportunities:

Four times a year (May, July, September, November), St. Mary’s visits the women’s shelter to:

  • Cook and serve dinner
  • Lead Bible study
  • Play with the children

Time commitment varies, usually about 2 hours.
Stop by the Welcome & Information table after Sunday Liturgy for more information on volunteering.

Why We Love Metro Hope Ministries:

Healing House, the women’s shelter, allows children to live with their mother’s while recovering from addiction so families can heal together. St. Mary’s visits the women’s shelter four times per year. Children are welcome, making this a great volunteer opportunity for families. We usually cook and serve dinner, lead a Bible study with the adults, and keep the children occupied with games and activities.


Metro Hope is unlike any treatment program because it’s a Discipleship Program.  It’s where your life turns around because you can see God in it.  Lots of freedom too!  I’ve placed lots of clients there through my calling to go after those still in the struggle with Lost Sheep Ministries MN. You will be blessed!

Additional Details:

Healing House is a residential, Christ centered, drug and alcohol recovery program serving women with their children in the Minneapolis area. Healing House helps up to 20 mothers and 24 children in a 7-12 month program. Unique to Healing House is the process of helping mothers work towards recovery from addiction while accompanied by their children.

The process for change includes Biblical parenting classes, on-site individual, group, and family therapy, a weekly Christian 12-step group, and core classes focused on issues of addiction, codependency, self-worth, healing damaged emotions, Bible studies and more.

Aids provide transportation and on-call medical services in addition to the 24/7 on-site staff who help mothers with appropriate discipline, meal, and bed time routines, as well as age-appropriate activities for their children.

Metro Hope, the men’s shelter, is a residential, Christ centered, drug and alcohol recovery program serving men in the Minneapolis area. These programs are designed to empower residents to break the cycle of addiction and homelessness successfully through spiritual, educational, and emotional stability. Metro Hope is for those who are at the end of their options.  Most have exhausted their support systems, lost their homes, and are unable to support themselves or their families. Metro Hope is a restorative recovery ministry providing real help and lasting hope for the entire family in a grace filled environment through Jesus Christ.