Faith Support

Orthodox Christians for Life (OCLife)

Email  |  631.271.4408

Orthodox Christians for Life (OCLife) is a non-profit religious educational Pro-Life organization consisting of members primarily from the Eastern Orthodox Church. It functions in cooperation with the hierarchy, clergy, and laity of the Orthodox Church regardless of jurisdiction or geographical location; and supports the doctrines and canons of the Church. The vision of OCLife is to present and support the position of the Orthodox Church on matters of the sanctity of innocent human life to all peoples, Orthodox Christian and non-Orthodox alike. This includes abortion also euthanasia, infanticide (pediatric euthanasia), suicide, and child abuse.

Orthodox Christian Network

P.O. Box 4690 Ft Lauderdale, FL 33338  |  954.273.2348

Orthodox Christian Network (OCN), an agency of SCOBA, serves believers and nonbelievers with an effective media witness for the Orthodox Christian Church in North America. OCN produces high-quality programs and media tools that reach people for Christ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The OCN mission is to offer help that will strengthen the Orthodox communities of North America. OCN searches programming that best shares the timeless faith of Orthodoxy with the contemporary world (radio, the Internet, podcasts, DVDs, television and more). The programs fit into your routine for prayer and worship. OCN presents and seeks to inspire the faithful everywhere, uplift children, call back the wayward, and be the media resource for our life with the joyful, Christ-centered message of the Orthodox Christian Church.

MEOCCA (Minnesota Eastern Orthodox Christian Clergy Association)

MEOCCA is an association of local Orthodox clergy and churches which provides a forum for coming together socially and liturgically to symbolize the sacramental and theological unity of the various Orthodox jurisdictions beneath their Episcopal divisions. MEOCCA meets regularly to foster camaraderie among the Orthodox clergy and leaders representing the different jurisdictions in the larger Twin Cities region through regular business meetings and various social activities, discuss ways to encourage effective interaction between the different parishes represented by MEOCCA, and marshal the resources of the local Orthodox communities for purposes of sponsoring, endorsing, or promoting projects or events for spiritual enrichment and education. Through the contributions of the Orthodox faithful in the Twin Cities region, MEOCCA is able to offer financial support to winter and summer youth camps, family camp, and the local chapter of the International Orthodox Christian Charities.

Minnesota National Guard

The Adjutant General MN, Philip Winn  |  612.227.7825
600 Cedar St., St. Paul, MN 55101

Saint Mary’s contributes support for Minnesota National Guard soldiers hospitalized during Christmas. Chaplain Philip “Buddy” Winn makes a trip each year to army hospitals such as Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Chaplain Buddy Wynn writes, “Dear Friends…we cannot accomplish our mission without the support of our faith communities. For God and Country.” Chaplain Buddy Winn is the Adjutant General for Minnesota.