San Miguel del Lago Orphanage

U.S. Address: Section 011600, P.O. Box 02-5339, Miami, FL 33102
San Miguel del Lago Orphanage was established and is run by Orthodox nuns who care for abandoned and homeless children. Recently a new home and campus was completed on the grounds of Lavra Mambré, the first and only Orthodox monastery in Guatemala. St. Mary’s offers financial support and sends mission teams annually for visitation to support and care for the children. San Miguel de Lago Orphanage’s mission and testimony is available on Youtube.

Metro Hope Men’s Shelter /Healing House

2739 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis MN, 55407  |  612.721.9415
Metro Hope Ministries is an organization that has been working for 85 years to provide help and lasting hope to people in recovery. Metro Hope Ministries operate New Hope Center and Healing House residential programs. New Hope Center and Healing House are the heart of our addiction recovery work. These programs are designed to empower residents to break the cycle of addiction and homelessness successfully through spiritual, educational, and emotional stability. Support for men is New Hope Center on Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis. Healing House’s unique blessing is to offer women recovery from addiction accompanied by their children. Healing House is blessed with volunteers who provide special dinners and time with the mothers and children. Our St. Mary’s Philoptochos has completed (2014) a synod chapter challenge to benefit Healing House.

Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry (OCPM-MN)

PO Box 16038, St. Louis Park MN 55416  |  866.318.4238, ext.101
The Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry of Minnesota (OCPM-MN) is a Pan-Orthodox Ministry dedicated to serving prisoners in Minnesota through the action of clergy and laity. OCPM-MN was founded in 2003 under the auspices and the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos and Bishop Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago and with the endorsement of the Minnesota Eastern Orthodox Christian Clergy Association. The OCPM provides fellowship and a Bible study to prisoners at the minimal security facility at the Lino Lakes Minnesota Correctional Minimal Facility for men. In February of 2007, a second Bible Study was established at the Shakopee Minnesota Correctional Facility for women. They seek the help of willing prison volunteers, mail correspondents, and prayer partners in bearing Christian witness to those who seek to find comfort and faith in their present circumstances. Volunteer training is provided with the Mission to love prisoners in the name of Jesus Christ, and to help them grow in the Christian faith.

OCMC, Albanian Book Translations, Pamela Barksdale, Mission Specialist

220 Mason Manatee Way, St. Augustine, FL 32086  |  877.463.6784
Pamela Barksdale will present the new translated books that have been published and encourage using the books in the home to help parents talk to their children about God. The books are also valuable curriculum resources for catechists and youth workers, and Anastasia will teach them how to develop catechism lessons around the themes in the books. The books, also, will be used for training conferences for students and graduates of the Theological Academy. Students at the Theological Academy participate in two years of fieldwork traveling to rural villages during the weekends having interactive programs conveying scriptural lessons through lessons, music, arts and crafts, and games. This OCMC special project assists the Albanian Archdiocese with needed funding, resources, and materials for their work with children. OCMC selected two of Father Anthony Coniaris books for translation and use them in the curriculum.

Coptic Orphans

Coptic Orphans US headquarters, P.O.Box 2881, Merrified, VA 22116  |  703.641.8910
Transforming generations with Egypt’s fatherless Coptic Orphans is an award-winning international Christian development organization that has touched the lives of over 30,000 children in Egypt since 1988. “Coptic” means Egyptian Christian, and is the fruit of the indigenous Christian community of Egypt with its ancient way of life that goes all the way back to the first century. Coptic Orphans works in close partnership with local bishops, who also guide in areas of local need and nominates new volunteers. Orphans? Many orphanages in Egypt are filled with children who have families but only because their widowed mothers cannot afford to feed them. Coptic Orphans focuses on the children most likely to face the deadly combination of poverty and social injustice, but who have the greatest potential to change their lives and the lives of others. Coptic Orphans makes a covenant with orphaned families in Egypt to stay with a child until the end of their highest education, as long as they also work hard to make full use of every possible educational opportunity they have. Coptic Orphans is a registered nonprofit in the United States, Canada, Australia, Egypt, and the United Kingdom. US tax exempt # 54-1637257.

IOCC: Syrian and Iraq Refugees

International Orthodox Christian Charities, 110 West Road, Suite 360, Baltimore, MD 21204  |  410.243.9820
IOCC supports one of the largest established networks to deliver life saving humanitarian aid inside Syria where more than 12.2 million people are currently in need of assistance, 76 million of which are internally displaced. In addition to its work inside Syria, IOCC staff is working regionally to address the growing needs of more than 4 million refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Armenia, Greece, and Serbia, as well as people in need in those host countries.

Responding to one of the worst humanitarian and refugee crises in history, IOCC is one of the few international nongovernmental organizations working on the ground across Syria to provide aid to people who have been displaced inside the country by the civil war. In providing this aid, IOCC works in close partnership with the Greek Orthodox Patriarchy of Antioch and All the East.