Parish Administrator

Julia Moricz

Raised in an Orthodox home, our Parish Administrator has vast experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors.  She oversees our entire facility, while also managing our staff, purchasing needs, community outreach, and overall financial aspects of St Mary’s.

Parishioner Support


David Mertesdorf

David Mertesdorf

A Minnesota native with a degree from Gustavus Adolphus University, David has been a dedicated and faithful employee of St Mary’s since 1996. He provides administrative and clerical assistance to our clergy, ministry groups, committee liaisons and all others who come through our doors.

David’s key areas of responsibility:

  • Communications
  • Greek Festival
  • Accounts receivable / financial management assistance
  • Liturgical support and administration


Administrator Emeritus

Sylvia Kafkas

Sylvia Kafkas

After 30 years of dedicated service to St. Mary’s, Sylvia Kafkas has retired. We are extremely grateful for her love and dedication over these many years.