Our Faith

Nov 11, 2016

ourfaithiconThe Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America provides a wealth of information to introduce you to the Orthodox Christian faith. In particular, a series of pamphlets, authored by Fr. Thomas Fitzgerald, a faculty member of Hellenic College-Holy Cross School of Theology, written for the non-Orthodox. The pamphlet titles are as follows:

  1. INTRODUCTION – Introduces the non Orthodox to Orthodox Christianity.
  2. HOUSE OF GOD – Describes the interior of the church building.
  3. WORSHIP – Discusses the form and characteristics of Orthodox worship.
  4. LITURGY – Describes the meaning and celebration of the Eucharist.
  5. SACRAMENTS – Describes the meaning and importance of liturgical life.
  6. SPECIAL SERVICES AND BLESSINGS – Describes the non-sacramental services which contribute to spiritual life.
  7. TEACHINGS – Outlines the salient points of doctrine and basic credal affirmations.
  8. SPIRITUALITY – Discusses the meaning of theosis as the goal of Christian life.
  9. HISTORY – Sketches the great epochs of Orthodoxy.
  10. THE CHURCH – Outlines the procedure for becoming a member of the Orthodox Church.