Music – Choral and Chant

Choir Conference

Thespina guest conductor, 2001.


Senior Choir - SATB Liturgical Choral Singing

The choir is a group of talented and enthusiastic members singing primarily 4-part choral arrangements of liturgical music. Music by composers such as Kevin Lawrence, Anna Gallos, Michael Petrovich, Frank Desby, Hadzinicolau, Nick Maragos, John Revezoulis, and others.

Chanters - Liturgical Chant Group and Byzantine Matins Chanters

The Liturgical Chant Group for Middle School and High School Singers will meet in the Music Office on Sundays, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm.

The Byzantine Matins Chanters will meet on alternate Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

Events - Choir Conferences, Education, & Fellowship

Singing together creates a strong family-like bond. This is clearly felt as choir members participate in events outside of the choir loft. Some of these events include:

  • Annual Chicago Metropolis Choir Conference. St Mary’s choir members have enjoyed traveling together to various host parishes throughout the five state area. Three days of intense rehearsals, workshops, and fellowship culminate in a Sunday Liturgy choir with over 100 singers. Our St Mary’s choir is often the largest group in attendance!
    St Mary’s Choir hosted the following Choir Conferences at St Mary’s: 
    • 1969 Tikey Zes directing his composition
    • 1980 Presbytera Anna Gallos directing her compostion
    • 1990 Presbytera Anna Gallos directing another of her compositions
    • 2001 Thespina Macres directing Nick Maragos composition
    • 2015 Chris Kypros directing his composition “Liturgy of Hope”
  • Educational Workshops. Throughout the years, the choir has sought out continuing education, above and beyond the weekly rehearsals. One example, perhaps the most challenging, was a Byzantine Notation workshop by Jessica Suchy Pilalis.
  • Community Outreach. Small groups from the choir have volunteered at a local homeless shelter cooking and serving food.
  • Fellowship.
    • An almost annual summer choir picnic
    • Singing on a float in the Winter Holidazzle Parade (only once, brrr!)
    • Fundraising by selling baklava in the State Fair Food Building
    • Hosting the Palm Sunday Luncheon for our parishioners
    • Hosting many fundraising Glendis
    • Annual Christmas gathering
    • Much more than can be listed

Two vinyl LPs and most recently a CD. Planning to transfer the LPs to CD in the near future.

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