Since the parish built the church building on Irving Avenue, it has been a landmark of the Twin Cities. People often refer to it as the “Gold Dome on the Lake” and many have asked, what is inside? St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church is steeped in history, culture, and faith. Under the Dome: A Self-Guided Tour of St. Mary’s is an opportunity to explore the site and learn more about the unique features of this parish’s history and the Orthodox Christian faith. The map will guide you to 12 treasures or landmarks that reflect this richness. Enjoy the discoveries you make in this special church.

Map of the Tour

St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church Founding

Mosaic Icon of St. Mary

History of Greek Orthodoxy in the Twin Cities

Candle Stand

Platytera Icon

Stained Glass Windows

Stone Icons

Sea of Galilee Mosaic

The Hospitality of Abraham Icon

Fountain and Palindrome Sculpture

Altar with Four Stones

Little Orthodox Library