“We know that God works in everything for the good for those who love Him.” —Romans 8:28

I polled a certain household of six individuals asking each of them the following question:

“During this pandemic and the difficulties that you have experienced, what is one good thing or blessing you have received from this situation?”

In no particular order, here are the responses I received:

  1. I did less shopping and appreciated a more simple life.
  2. I had time to enjoy nature.
  3. I spent more time with my pet rabbit.
  4. I was able to talk to and see my friends using the phone, FaceTime, and Zoom.
  5. I became more zealous in my faith.
  6. I learned not to take the services of the Church for granted.

Now, beloved, consider that in all things, most especially in difficulties, God’s loving and saving Hand is at work, and you must also try to identify the blessing within the affliction.

Allow me to also share a couple divine sayings of wisdom from St. Mark the Monk:

“Unexpected trials are sent by God to teach us to practice a life of spiritual discipline; and they lead us to repentance even when we are reluctant.”

“Afflictions that come to us are the result of our own sins. But if we accept them patiently through prayer, we shall find blessings.”