In light of the current challenging circumstances, including our inability to gather together for the Divine Services, we would like to send you a daily reflection, a spiritual vitamin, so to speak, to be read slowly, deliberately, and prayerfully.

We have named these meditations “A Daily Vitamin” in honor of Fr. Anthony’s books entitled, Daily Vitamins for Spiritual Growth.

We hope these small spiritual doses of reflecting on God’s word and the spiritual life will bring you comfort, time for reflection, and hope in God.

With love in Christ,

+Fr. George

PS- this first “dose” comes from Volume 1 of Fr. Anthony’s Daily Vitamins (pages 95, 98).

Our Goal for Lent
This prayer from the Presanctified Liturgy defines our task for Lent:

Almighty God, Who made all creation in wisdom
and by your inexpressible providence and goodness
has brought us to these holy days
for the purification of body and soul
for the controlling of bodily passions
for the hope of the Resurrection,
Who, during the forty days gave the Covenant into
the hands of Moses in characters divinely traced by you:
Enable us also, O Holy One, to fight the good fight;
to accomplish the course of this fast;
to preserve in wholeness the faith;
to crush under foot the heads of invisible serpents;
to be counted a victor over sin;
and so uncondemned to attain the holy resurrection.
For all honor and glory is given to your noble and worthy Name,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit now and always
and forever and ever. Amen.

For Pondering
Thomas a Kempis observes that “habit overcomes habit.” Build new good habits to replace and overcome old bad habits. Pray for patience and persistence.