Dear St. Mary’s Family,

Today, many of us, due to the pandemic, may feel isolated. Things that may have been accessible to us, like going to the museum, the movies, restaurants, etc., are no longer available to us. We may be at home, feeling isolated, not having access to what we desire.

The one thing, however, that we always have access to-through the Incarnation-is God. In tonight’s Salutations, there is a beautiful line, remarking on how amazing it is that we have access to God.

“The angels were quite amazed by the great deed of
Your incarnation. For the once inaccessible God they
beheld accessible to all as a man…”

In this poetic hymn, the angels are amazed at God’s great gift–God made accessible to humanity! When we ponder some of our isolation during the pandemic, let us always remember-and take advantage of-the fact that we always have access to God though His Incarnation.

Tonight, try to pray some or all of the Third Salutations service, which celebrates God’s presence and accessibility in our lives. Make the most of our time in our isolation, and access God, through prayer!

In Christ,

Fr. Jason Houck